DOB: 16. 6. 68
Languages: Fluent Spanish, rusty Japanese, intermediate French, basic Portuguese


Writer, producer and director of factual programmes for the BBC, Channel Four, ITV and others. I'm an experienced user of the PD-150/170 and DSR-570, and have taught DV Production courses at the Latin American Bureau in London. Lots of experience of observational documentary filming in difficult and sensitive environments (Africa and Latin America, prisons, among drug users, criminals, football hooligans).

Showreel available on request.

"Welcome to HMP Swaleside" 1 x 20', 2005

Film and Video Workshop for HMP Swaleside, Director/ DSR Cameraman
Induction guide and advice for new arrivals at HMP Swaleside, a Cat B prison on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent; an intimate look at prison life, presented by inmates, for inmates.


"May Day Colombia" 1 x 25', 2003

Faction Films for War on Want/ Justice for Colombia, Producer/ Director/ DV Cameraman
Documentary on the militarisation of Colombian society under President Alvaro Uribe, in the guise of a bogus 'war on terror'; I wrote and narrated the film.


"Afrorap" 1 x 15', 2002.

Faction Films for UK Department for International Development, BBC World Service and Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, Producer/ Director/ DV and Super-8 Cameraman
Pilot documentary shoot in Ghana and Senegal, presented by rapper Xuman, looking into emerging hip-hop scenes and what they say about changes animating the region's youth.


"Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia" 1 x 50', 2002

Faction Films for SVT Sweden/ SBS Australia/ Caracol Colombia/ YLE Finland/ Maori TV New Zealand, Producer/ Director/ DV Cameraman
Documentary profile of Colombia's hip-hop movement, and what the music tells us about civil war, poverty and the drugs trade; screened at 34 major international film festivals, won Best Music Film (Portobello Film Festival), Best Foreign Film (HBO Urban World), Special Jury Prize (Bogota International Film Festival), and Best Documentary (Oakland International Film Festival).


Faction Films, Development Producer 2000

Researched, wrote and pitched proposals to UK broadcasters, and co-ordinated a team of writers and researchers; Love For Sale was produced as a 10-part series for BBC3


"33% Heroin" 1 x 50', 1999

Ideal World for Channel Four, Producer/ Director/ DV Cameraman
Observational documentary looking at the contrasting fortunes of a solicitor and a homeless Portuguese man, brought together by their shared addiction to heroin


"The Hum" 1 x 50', 1997

Splash Productions/ Faction Films for Westcountry/ HTV, Director/ Narrator
Documentary story of an inexplicable humming noise, this film achieved the highest ratings to date for its strand. Produced through my own production company



"Come Buy With Me" RDF Media for BBC3/ BBC1, DSR shooting AP, 6 x 30' factual entertainment, 2005

"The Meeting Key" Coast Productions for Sky One, AP, 10 x 10' infotainment 2002

Various documentaries - Simon Prentis Associates for NHK Japan, AP , 2002

"Superfan" Flawless Media for Carlton ITV, AP, 3 x 30' light entertainment 2002

"Superhooligan" Big Foot Productions for Nippon TV, researcher , 1 x 30' documentary 2002

"Love from Bali" Diverse for Channel Four, AP, 1 x 50' documentary 2000

"Time Team" Wildfire TV for Channel Four, shooting AP, 1 x 30' factual ent. 2000

"The Michael Cole Show" Independent Image for Living Channel, AP, 26 x 30'1999

"The Hottentot Venus" Faction Films for FR3 France/ SABC South Africa, researcher; 1 x 50' documentary 1998

"The Tyrolian Iceman" Simon Prentis Associates for TV Man Union Japan, archive researcher, 1 x 30' documentary 1996

"Hotel Babylon" Planet 24 for Carlton TV, researcher, 8 x 30' light entertainment 1996

"419: Fraud in Nigeria" Telesearch for TV Asahi Japan, AP, 1 x 20' documentary 1996

"Portrait of Evelyn Glennie" Telesearch for NHK Japan, AP , 1 x 20' documentary 1995

"Hidden Hands: Paris Under The Nazis" Fulmar Productions for Channel Four, archive researcher, 1 x 50' documentary 1995