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Daniel - indigenous coca chewer, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
David - launched coca soft drink Coca-Sec, Cauca
David - author of a report on cocaine use, Boston
Francisco - Colombian Vice President, Bogota
Than - US fumigation programme, Bogota
Lucho - fumigation pilot, Bogota
Kevin - heads US Military Group, Bogota
Luis - congressman, Caqueta
Blanca - coca picker, Meta
Dora - victim of paramilitary violence, Meta
Islena – teacher, Meta
Nicolas - former FARC guerrilla, Bogota
David - British banker kidnapped by the FARC, Bogota
Happy - cocaine laboratory worker, Bogota
Helman - former anti-narcotics policeman, Bogota
Rodolfo - cocaine dealer, Bogota
Jose - cocaine smuggler, Miami, Florida
Christian - former cocaine smuggler, Miami, Florida
Sir Keith - former UK ambassador to Colombia, London
Cele - former DEA agent, McAllan, Texas



Steven - DEA press officer, Washington D.C.
Doris - former cocaine addict, New York City
Judge Jim Gray - Orange County, California
Kenneth - former crack addict and dealer, Dothan, Alabama
Kurt  - former mayor of Baltimore, Maryland
Louis - poly-drug user, New York City
David - former narcotics police officer, Los Angeles
Pam - former cocaine addict, Detroit, Michigan
Lou - former poly-drug addict, Los Angeles
Mark - former cocaine dealer, New York City
Ricky - former crack cocaine dealer, Los Angeles
Luis - former gangbanger, Los Angeles
Eric - Criminal Justice Foundation, Silver Spring, Maryland
Alex - Homies Unidos, Los Angeles
Jack - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Medford MA
Lance - former cocaine wholesaler, New York City
Russ - former narcotics police officer, San Jose, California
Ted - cocaine dealer, New York City
Tony - served life sentence for dealing cocaine, New York City
Rusty - former narcotics dog handler, Houston, Texas



Jah Bones - fisherman, Bluefields, Jamaica
Sharon - former drugs mule, Kingston, Jamaica
Angela - former drugs mule, Kingston, Jamaica
Nick - cocaine dealer, London
Bethany - bar manager, London
Phil - advertising executive, London
Carl - security guard, London
Gabrielle – police officer, Edinburgh
Mick - film-maker, London
Jim - former crack user, London